With all the rise in popularity of Japanese Korean dramas in recent years, the spillover effect of such recognition to Japanese and Korean language fashion is evident. Since the Japan Korean peninsulas are two big goliath of Asian fashion, the latter is usually symbolized by those two styles. In fact, Japanese fashion was the first wave of craze and it is evidently dwindling and being replaced by Korean fashion. korean dresses

Women’s fashion is a lucrative business. With Korean language fashion gaining interest, counterfeit manufacturers want a talk about of the Korean curry too. Especially since such pieces do not come cheap in an hard work to compensate Korean designers for their originality in designing Korean clothes.

When acquiring Korean clothing, watch away for these tell-tale indications the clothes you bought is a knock-off. 

#1 – Non Koreans building Korean fashion parts
Apparel sold online need to be patterned as that is they only way you will see and buy them. If the clothing is modeled by Chinese model, you should be aware that the source of origin of their clothing is almost certainly from China/Taiwan or Hästkrafter and almost all of these designs are knock-offs. From experience (I do shop online a lot and from everywhere), the clothing I have received from these places are generally made from low grade material or poor workmanship and almost all of the time they look nowhere near to the pretty pictures.

#2 – When your clothes arrive wet or comes with a strange smell
When your highly-anticipated fashion pieces reach you in wet condition or includes a weird smell, your gut feeling is probably right – you have just got yourself something from a knock-off sweating shop. Most of these shops are only worried with quantity so it will be not surprising that some parts might be wet or has a weird smell (due to the sweating shop conditions) because they don’t have the budget or requirement of ‘quality control’.

#3 – Printing errors on the product designs, clothing label or clothing indicate
If there are transliteration errors, it is highly likely to be a knock-off as they do not have the pay up ‘quality control’ and almost all of the time, the manufacturers might not exactly even really know what they are printing hence they are unable to area the error.

#4 – Buying Korean fashion bits from website ending with ‘. cn’
If you are based beyond Korea or do not know chinese, it can be a daunting task to get Korean fashion online because so many Korean websites are in Korean. However, with the rise of internet and buying online, there are a lot of websites in The english language that sells Korean fashion. If the website ceases with a ‘. cn’, it is highly likely that the piece you bought is a counterfeit.

#5 – Consider the price and think logical
If perhaps the prices seem to be too good to be true, then most likely it is the case. Knock-offs compete with the real stuff by the price. Since the quality won’t be able to be better, the single advantage they have is in pricing because their cost of production is lower. Tend not to hold your anticipations way too high if you are prepared to buy knock-offs though, since this can be a small percentage of the price, the quality will be cheaper too.

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