I actually is grateful to Eman Fahad Al Nafjan for bringing “The Future of Islam in the Age group of New Media” to my attention. This unique 60-minute audio tracks program of 1-minute segments by 60 audio system compiled by Amir Ahmad is a significant contributions to international discourse, especially among Muslims! It shows the simple fact that young Muslims are changing Islam itself at a breakneck tempo, that has only begun to emerge to the snooze of us in the Arab Spring.

Eman’s one-minute is the second contributions in the program, immediately after Reza Aslan, the author of No Our god But God: The Roots, Evolution, and Future of Islam. This inserting is highly significant because Eman has been outspoken for Ladies Rights in Saudi Persia on her Saudiwoman’s Blog site. Here she starts with stating pointedly, “I think future of Islam in age new media will involve taking Islam away of the hands of misogynist sectarian tribal sheikhs, who have closed all of us faraway from the rest of the world, into the hands of educated global Muslims, that will utilize these new tools to spread a moderate peaceful Islam, as it was in the Golden Time, when it was famous for its architecture, savoir, and arts. This new generation of Muslims will also activate the at the moment paralyzed role women play in Muslim society…. inches¬†islamic tv channel

I’ll limit my quotation to this to tantalize you to hear more. This is worth your time and energy! Different speakers see social mass media as a destabilizing affect in the Muslim world. A few speakers mention that extremist Islamists have been using social press for recruiting for over a decade, but average Muslims have only began to be heard since the advent of Fb and Twitter. It is a beginning that will in the end overwhelm and block out the extremists, however the needed changes will take time.¬†

It is highly significant that numerous of the participants highlight the need to be able to speak freely, without apprehension of reprisal, by circumventing censorship. Some speak about that the “future of Islam is bright… because women will be able to condition Islam with men. ” Not anymore are Muslims limited understand their faith by visiting the Mosque. “Islam will be by us but for everyone. ”

My personal reaction to this seminar is that it is just terrific! I shows the potency of the changes that are to arrive Islam, and the positive impacts this will bring to the ground at large. Whether or not you go along with the changes, it is surely worth your time to listen to this demonstration.

My one reservation is information gets out in rare cases to the rest of us. That is a wonderful thing that Muslims, especially young Muslims, are seeing the requirement to discuss and reform their faith from within, but that news comes very sparsely to 99% of my countrymen, many of whom rely for their news on CNN and Fox News, or fundamentalist Christian preachers, who may have little knowledge of Islam.

CNN is the channel of “Wars Are Us, inches while Fox News simply wants to vilify something that has a Muslim sticker. All of those other media seems to meekly follow in their wake on the subject of Islam, afraid of offending our bigoted owners. Before the good reports of the many advancements in Islam permeate the barrier of the popular media, we will be faced with continuing unjustified conflict and death.

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