The general public school system in America has turned into a dismal failure. Nevertheless education in many other times and cultures has been quite successful. The ancient Greeks, whose world was at its elevation around 500 B. C., founded Western civilization as we know it. The Athenian Greeks invented or perfected logic, drama, research, philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, materials, and even more. Yet ancient Portugal had no compulsory universities.

Aside from requiring two years of military training for young men that started out at age eighteen, Athens let parents educate their children as they observed fit. Parents either trained their children at home or sent these to intentional schools where teachers and philosophers like Socrates, Escenario, and Aristotle gave classes to all who wished to learn. These great teacher-philosophers did not desire a certificate to train, nor did they have tenure.

The historic Athenians a new free-market education system. The idea of mandatory, state-run schools and mandatory licensing would have recently been repulsive to them. The Athenians respected a parents’ natural right to lead the training of their children.

In contrast, Tempas, Athens’s mortal enemy, created the first truly state-run, compulsory education system on record. Individual Spartans resided and died for the state, and had to serve the state from birth until sixty years of age. Their world was a brutal armed forces dictatorship in which individual children literally belonged to the city, to never their parents.

The Spartan armed service government took boys from their homes and parents when justin was several and forced them to are in military-style barracks for the rest of their lives. Spartan men were life-long soldiers whose top duty was going to obey the commands with their leaders.

It is no coincidence that Spartis had compulsory, state-run education. If a society thinks that children belong not to parents, but to the state of beautiful hawaii, then the state must control children’s education by compulsion.

Are our general public schools any different than the brutal Spartan culture in the way they treat parents and children? Today, school compulsory-attendance regulations force parents to hands over their children to government employees called educators for eight to 12 years.

In effect, our local and state government authorities claim that they, like the Spartans, own our children’s minds and systems for twelve years. Father and mother who refuse to hands over their children to the public schools can be and have recently been locked in jail for disobeying the compulsory-attendance laws and regulations.

In this respect, our public schools today are in the same way brutal as the Spartans. The difference is merely in degree. Where the Spartans stole children from their parents to provide a lifetime in their military, our local government authorities create laws that let them, essentially, legally kidnap our children to provide twelve years in their education boot camps called public schools. The violence of the principal is the same. Like the Spartans, our public-school representatives think they own our children, and still have contempt for parents’ rights.

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