The very first thing you need with a new computer is a superb anti-virus program. In my view the best free anti virus software is Microsoft Secureness Essentials (MSE). MSE is the best as it shields your computer from most malicious software and more importantly it doesn’t put up. Evalx sysytems

If you may like the Microsoft anti virus, use Avast! antivirus.

Subsequent, find the PC Decrapifier. This eliminates all the unnecessary programs that come pre-installed on your computer, these programs are known as bloatware. This will clean up your personal computer so it is clean and ready to use.

Up coming up you should go to Ninite. This site allows you to mount programs that most people need. The main reason you should use this site is because it automatically will not install the tool bars and other additional downloads available that free programs often try to install. The very best software that you should install from this amazing site is:

VLC Media Participant
VLC Media Player is a great player for many types of videos. It may play more types of media files than it is competitors. In my view is it doesn’t best free media player available.

Winamp Audio Gamer
Winamp Audio Player is made for music files. It’s main competitor is Apples iTunes and its advantage is it’s size. Being so lightweight means it requires up a lot less computer memory than any other similar programs.

Sumatra PDF FILE Reader
The main opponent for Sumatra PDF is Adobe PDF Reader, likewise to Winamp, Sumatra is much smaller than Adobe’s version and doesn’t should be continually updated. This program is way better if you only use Adobe PDF Visitor for reading PDF.

six Zip
7 Zip can be used for document compression and extraction. That replaces Winamp and WInzip.

Libre Office
Libre Workplace is the recommended free office suite. In past times OpenOffice was considered the best office software but after that many of the computer programmers have relocated to Transitable Office and it is the superior office selection.

These programs cover your basic computer needs. These kinds of programs are free and don’t use an extreme amount of your pc’s memory.

I also recommend Chrome or if you internet web browser due to the superior loading speeds. You can also download this from Ninite. This, naturally, is a matter of personal preference. Many people like the add-ons of Chrome or even the standard Internet Explorer.

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