The top Tents store is an expert in selling various types of canopies including pop-ups, cabin, multi-room, dome, wall structure, screen and canvas camping tents. The retailer has recently been around the business for quite a long time and has an impressive set of regular customers including the Boy Scouts of America, The Red Combination, U. S. Usaf, Circumstance. S. Army, U. S i9000. Navy, Kia Racing and the Department of Forestry. Best canvas tents 2017-2018

In addition to special canvas tents and other canopies, the retailer also offers custom tent colors and private labeling services. Firm logo for promotional promotions, personal shelters and covering accessories are also part of Pinnacle’s services. The store has a great lineup of canopy products and one of their best-selling materials is painting wall tents. 

The fabric wall canopies of Top come in various sizes and designs. One example is the 12′ back button 9′ canvas outfitter style tent. The roof and walls with this model is made of pure fabric and the floor is of coated vinyl. This also features no see-um screened windows, inside zero flaps, taped seams with water repellant up to 1000 mm and metallic frames with rust immune finish. The product has a middle height of 90 inches and a wall height of 56 inches. It weighs sixty lbs. and has a regular price of $399.

Another product from Peak is the 14′ times 10′ canvas wall covering. Just like almost all of you can actually wall canopies, this one has canvas roof and walls, a vinyl covered floor, steel frames with rust resistant finish, no see-um screened windows and taped seams with a 1000 mm water-proof feature. The model weighs in at 69 lbs., has a center height of ninety six inches and a wall membrane height of 56 in .. The regular price is $429, although it is also offered by four ninety nine if purchased with a rain fly.

A store also has a canvas direct wall tent product collection. Various sizes are available, with the 12′ times 9′ and 14′ times 10′ being the most common. Both models take the usual features of canvas roof and wall surfaces, vinyl coated nylon flooring surfaces, screened windows and metallic frames. Small size has a center height of 90 inches, a wall membrane height of 48 in . and it weighs fifty-five lbs. It sells for $349. The 14-by-10, on the other hand, has a middle height of 96 inches and a wall height of twenty four inches. Excellent packed weight of 64 lbs. and is priced at $389. It costs $459 if purchased with a rainfall fly.

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