Perhaps you have arranged to pick up for your automobile rental in Nice Airport as soon as you land? In the event that you haven’t yet, do so. We saved so much time and money during our last trip to Nice, due to vehicle that was looking forward to us the moment we arrived!

My wife and I started our holiday in Nice, and then we spent two several weeks driving to Cap Ferrat, Frejus, Port Grimaud, and Monte Carlo before making a final stop at Saint Tropez. I discovered many interesting things about driving on French roadways. Here are some of which. location camion montreal

Zebra Crossing

Don’t at any time stop for anyone at a zebra crossing in Nice. You will be fined. I learned this the hard way the very first time I drove out of the Hotel Nice Costa. About 15 meters away from the hotel, We stopped and got trapped doing this. Wham! I said goodbye to some Local currency just like that! 

Marina Driving

Sure, driving on the Riviera is an experience like no other. But be careful–it’s very dangerous. The region has one of the maximum number of road incidents in France, each local you meet will usually have a favorite account or maybe more of a mad driver who met an untimely end.

A8 Autoroute

This is your very best route to and from Nice airport, but take note that the A8 is especially packed in the evening and morning rush hours. In the event you have an air travel or an appointment to catch, allow for extra time if you want to consider the A8. View for that fearsome bend over near the airport, too. There have been numerous accidents for this reason bend.

Acceleration Limits

Before you get your rented car for a spin, know the speed limit. You will be surprised how different French speed limits are from those in the united kingdom. Pertaining to instance, in Nice, velocity limits are lowered automatically when roadways are rainy. In the UK, town driving is limited to a speed of 30mph. In Nice, it’s 60 kmh.

One last thing: land on your shield for vol a la portiere. In Nice, this is what they call the crime of starting car doors while the driver stopped for a red light, and then stealing the driver’s things. Keep yourself safe by making sure your car doors are locked. Become careful how you will handle your car lease in Nice, but be even more careful about your safety.

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