Most activities performed by a manger to get things done through others are known as management. In other words, management is to manage human and other resources tactfully for the achievement of company goals. It is common in all of the organized activities. That is an exercise of harmonizing men, money, machines, materials and methods towards fulfilling the defined targets. chat about nbn

Check our set of characteristics of business management

Aim oriented

Every organization is established for a specific objective. Management is an instrument or system that contributes for the useful use of human and other resources to achieve predetermined objectives. The key target of business management is to maximize productivity with optimum use of individual effort. 

Universal activity

Administration is essential where individual activity exists. The process of business management may be different from corporation to organization but the basic principles of management are same. It can be declared the management principles are universally appropriate.

Social process

Business management is an element of social process. Management achieves its targets by, with, and through the people. It utilizes human resources for the achievement of organizational goals. Management has to consider not only the company objectives but also the social objectives. It has to fulfill the needs of employees within the organizational resources.

Dynamic/modifiable activity

Management is a powerful and continuous process. The management of today may well not be applicable or effective for tomorrow. Therefore, management must be dynamic and flexible with the changing environment of the world. Management has to alter its style in line with the some situation. This overall flexibility is necessary for an organization to modify with the changing environment of the business.

Group activity

The idea of business management is not applicable if there is merely one person or operator. It represents a team, class or section of folks involved with various managerial functions. It is necessary if there is a group of men and women involved with performing any activity to accomplish common goals. Management describes the authority, responsibility and procedures to perform specific work.

Distinct process

Supervision as a process consists of various types of functions. One function of management is interrelated with another function. The management evidently defines the specific procedure for work to achieve established goal. It does not consider the learning from your errors procedure.

Both science and artwork

Science is a systematized body of knowledge, main or truth that is experimentally proved. Similarly, fine art is the personal skill and ability to apply the scientific principles. Supervision is both science and art. It is just a science because it is based on some fundamental principles of universal application. It is also an art because skill and ability is required for performing bureaucratic functions.

An occupation

Career involves the specific sort of work, followed by special knowledge and education. With the progress joint stock companies and multinational companies the ownership and management has been different. Supervision of huge organizations has been entrusted in the hands of professionals having specific skill and knowledge.

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