You have to consider that poorly made rugs can have a negative effect on the overall rug lifespan. A few of the issues that can occur when cowhide rugs have recently been poorly tanned include the loss of hair from the rug along with curling on the edges and early wear. Deciding on a knowledgeable and experienced vendor for a cow hide rug is important and research should be done in advance of any purchase to be able to ensure that the investment in such a rug is made with a reputable owner. cowhide rugs

Proper creation of high quality cowskin rugs generally involves advanced tanning techniques which have become highly complex in recent years and have allowed manufacturers to offer real carpets that will last a lifetime with the right care in the conventional home. A good quality cow hide rug will be chrome tanned to prevent hair loss and being different, and mostly be free of patches or scar issues. Due to the natural nature of cowhide some scarring and branding may be present on the hide. This should not be mistaken fo a defect, it is simply one of the built in characteristics of cowhide credited to it’s natural beginnings. 

One of many significant dissimilarities between an artificial rug and one made from real cowskin is the fact that every true cowhide square area rug will be simply a little different in appearance and will also be an unique type of area rug while synthetic rugs are often created in such a way that every single rug is exactly the same when it is constructed. A home owner may believe that an unique rug would improve the value of the house’s interior.

Ensuring that cow hide rugs will have a long, healthy lifespan entails caring for the carpet properly and also dealing with it right whilst it rests on the floor. The main aspect of proper cowskin rug care includes never letting it be soaked with water and keeping it vacuumed on a regular basis. Combing it regularly can also help keep the carpet looking fresh and smooth.

With proper care and regular maintenance, a true and natural cowhide square area rug can last for decades and may even look better as time passes than a fabricated rug that will wear down at a faster rate. Should a home owner be considering designing with a cowhide carpet and become willing to spend minimal time cleaning and vacuuming the rug, purchasing traditional cowhide is highly recommended.

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