An attractive bird house is an excellent addition to any garden, porch or patio. Generally there is a wide selection of styles, colors and shapes and you could buy the the one that is suitable for your garden style. In fact almost all of the ornamental bird houses are completely functional and are suited to bird nesting.

You can aquire a decorative bird house from almost any garden shop or online. There are many online stores providing only bird houses and you will be surprised at the number of styles available. bird house

Before you buy one though you should look for a few things that are of big importance. The bird house should be made of wood or other natural material. It should be pest free rather than cared for with any chemicals. If perhaps it is painted make sure the pain is water based. These are generally all important factors and the decorative bird houses sometimes sacrifice them in like of a great design and architecture. 

If you are after a completely functional bird house than almost all of these issues will be covered. The next worry will be where to hang the parrot house.

Some people make the mistake to set up a bird house over a place of their preference. It could be nice to have it directly next to your porch door but you may well not attract any wild birds by doing so. You must decide if you wish the chicken house as a m? cor enhancement or you need it for parrots nesting.

If you need to catch the attention of birds, than put it appropriately. Each bird type favors different bird house positioning. Some birds such as Bluebirds and Swallows favor open areas and areas, while other such as Woodpeckers and Owls favor forested areas. Water parrots such as ducks will love a bird house facing a lake or a stream. Precisely the same secret is valid for Violet Martins. Titmice, Nuthatches, Kestrels, Flycatchers and Chickadees will like a bird house put on the advantage of the forested area. In the event that you want a parrot type living directly into outside the house, than get a bird house for Finches. They live pre4fectly near to the house.

If perhaps you are positioning more than one bird house consider the territory of each bird type. A lot of birds establish an area and don’t let other parrots to it. If you place more than one bird house too selected you risk one of them to be vacant. Check what is the standard territory for every single bird stirpe and than distribute the bird houses.

Finally you’ll be able to some feeders nearby the attractive bird houses. This will invite birds to come as they may have a great deal of food to increase their families.

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