The arena of Digital marketing is extremely competitive and highly volatile… During the start of yearly the strategists in neuro-scientific digital marketing sit at their desk to design and discuss upcoming trends, difficulties and opportunities to bring out strategies to take those marketing techniques to the next level! Masters Academy awol

The regular methods that were used couple of years back are no more a way. In the ever changing market these techniques, either became outdated and vanished or evolved itself as new strategy. The techniques that were used last season may well not be seeking the same importance, relevance or order of preference! 

After learning and analyzing the appearing trends, the strategists have lined up the most effective marketing techniques that is going to move the field this 12 months and beyond!

Digital Advertising Strategy is one term that is echoing almost everywhere!

Mobile phone centric

We all believe that Google has removed all websites that are not cellphone friendly. Not really only Google, remaining search engines and other digital platforms will also start doing this! The websites and applications that are mobile phone optimized only will remain!

Apart from cellphones, other handheld devices, wearable technologies like smart watches and other smart devices will find top a place in digital marketing techniques.

Videos to rule!

Videos happen to be a rage on digital programs. In the coming years, video based advertisements, and other marketing techniques will dominate the scene and heavy investments will be pumped into!

Like Bebo and Facebook, many other social media websites will be fitting that plugins for those video loading.

Content matters

Content, as it is called the ‘King’ of digital marketing, is going to reach another level of importance. Well devised, high quality content will always control a respect in the market. Creativity, skill and knowledge on the written subject could make a huge difference! Interactive content has already found its way as the best digital marketing strategy…

Just not writing, in-depth discussion and analysis of things in the content is actually that is expected from the marketing strategists!

Mobile Software

Every smart phone consumer will have at least 5 or 6 software in their handset. Programs are now built to cover every aspect of the day-to-day life activities… Coming from necessities to fun area, from many people arriving from all walks of life to profession, Applications are there for everything! Slowly, websites will be replaced by these programs!!

Social Media

Networking communities are already enjoying an enviable position in the marketing area. It will remain among the most favourite hang-out places of the more youthful generation… Twitter like sites are expected to lose its place in digital marketing, and Facebook and other video supporting sites will come out with various innovations, creating a revolution in digital marketing strategy!

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