Hiking stairways can be alternatively risky for elderly individuals. Electric stair lifts are a practical and cost-effective solution for the antique mainly because these provide safe and comfortable movement from one floor to another in multi-storied buildings. montascale per disabili

Easy Unit installation without Altering the Staircase Composition

For providing easy accessibility for the seniors, highly compatible electric stairlift models well suited for indoor and outdoor purposes are available. The outdoor models are designed with excellent weather resistant technology to be able to take on the strong exterior weather conditions. Electric stair take you appropriate for straight and curved stairways are available too. Therefore, the unit installation procedure can be transported out without making strength alterations for your staircase. In addition, these step lift models can be attached to either aspect of the stairway. 

Supplies the User with Hassle-free, Quiet and Smooth Movements

In order to ensure the person a quiet and smooth movement, electric step lifts are designed with a hidden gear holder and power cable. The protection measures incorporated in these stair chair lifting are an excellent source of standards. These include swivel seats, seat devices, safety brakes, padded armrests and many more. To get ensuring more safety and comfort, the stairlifts are also provided with blockage sensors. The obstruction fühler detects the obstacles rejection the path of the lift, and stops the lift automatically when one is encountered. This helps to avoid any chance of the person getting wounded or the lift getting damaged. The folding center helps to keep the lift folded when it is not in use. This facility allows other users to reach the stairways more conveniently.

The stairlifts are also provided with joystick, hand-held button handles and wireless handheld remote control. This kind of facilitates easy procedure of the lift for users with restricted hand freedom.

Electric stairlifts are a cost-effective accessibility solution. The good thing about using electric step lifts is that it is possible to work with the equipment without bothering about recharging and replacing batteries.

Pick the Best Product for you personally

Before buying electric stair lifts, make a careful assessment of your requirements and budget. That is also essential to form a good option about the available models, integrated systems and selling prices. The visible manufacturers on the market include ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria Concord and Bruno. They feature a variety of electric stairlift models incorporated with exceptional features.

DAY Escalator & Lift offers electric stair lifts from world class manufacturers. Our range of products includes straight or bent stair lifts, indoor or outdoor stair lifts and much more.

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