You might have heard of mesotherapy time and again — it is a relatively new kind of cellulite treatment that is enjoying a rising reputation in the medical world today. Mesotherapy has recently been around for quite a while in The european countries and South usa, but it is merely moving into dermatology clinics in the usa. Although today, there are questions about links between finasteride and mesotherapy. Lion Medical

Finasteride is a synthetic antiandrogen that is generally used in the medical world to combat androgenic alopecia — better recognized to the recovery of us as hair thinning, or hair loss. Calvicie occurs in both men and women, although men seem to be to experience it much more readily as they approach their forties. So what does finasteride have to do with mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a procedure that treats lumpy skin by injecting a tropical drink of vitamins, minerals, medications, and amino acids under the skin, especially in trouble spots. The tropical drink is meant to assault fat cells under your skin, either killing them or making them release their fat contents harmlessly into the bloodstream, to be expelled without drugs. 

Although mesotherapy is not referred to as accepted into the medical world yet (owing to the lack of studies and evidence that it works for everyone), many cellulite sufferers agree that it does work for them, in particular when getting remove of that last little stubborn cellulite. It will not seem to be to subject that most specialists in the cellulite treatment job are quick to write off mesotherapy as only “hype. ” But today, it appears that mesotherapy has found it is way into baldness treatment, as well.

A mesotherapist administers the treatment tropical drink by using a syringe, a special “mesotherapy gun, ” or some other device with a needle. This enables the therapist penetrate only deep enough into the skin to inject the mixture, triggering little to no pain and distress for the individual. This is now also being seen as a good way to administer finasteride to baldness sufferers.

Before mesotherapy made its justification in the dermatology world, finasteride was usually taken orally. This was one of two approved treatments for calvicie and male pattern hair loss, the other being minoxidil. It was important to keep taking finasteride regularly, because the baldness problem would worsen when most patients stopped taking it.

This is where mesotherapy is arriving. It is being suggested that finasteride may be more effective in treating baldness when injected directly to trouble spots, just like the way the treatment of cellulite trouble spots go. The rapists are finding ways to create finasteride cocktails that may be injected directly onto a patients crown or hairline to help regrow curly hair, or at least stop baldness from worsening.

This kind of procedure may also turn into a preferred way to treat baldness in women as well. Oral finasteride has been known to cause certain issues in with child and lactating women, but mesotherapy poses the likelihood of bypassing this risk.

The technology is not there yet, but studies are continually being done to make this new treatment a possibility. If perhaps the link between finasteride and mesotherapy is founded, perhaps it will start the doors to even better treatments of other common dermatological conditions as well.

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