Garlic is usually eaten cooked, broiled, prepared, simmered, coated and even crude.

At one of the public exhibitions we were showing how The Garlic Chop functioned. Also, along comes this charming little 9 year old young lady (with her folks) and begins eating crude peeled garlic cloves. She was even sufficiently considerate to inquire! “Would I be able to eat some of your garlic?” and her mother says “she does this constantly”. I recoiled when I saw her eat it crude. I was so awed, I assumed if she can do this, so can I…. along these lines, soon thereafter I continued in eating a major clove of garlic. garlic health benefits 

Goodness man, it hurt later on. How that young lady did it was outside my ability to grasp. Some of the garlic medical advantages are that garlic is not Acidic as some may think, it is Alkaline on the PH scale. This is yet another motivation behind why garlic is solid for you. Continuously ensure you are devouring bunches of basic nourishments. This will help keep malignancies and sicknesses from flourishing in your body. Things like ketchup and vinegar are acidic. In this way, simply eat more garlic!

What’s more, garlic contains Allicin, a substance that can bring about us people intestinal and stomach related tract issues if eaten crude. Also, don’t give your pets a chance to eat it crude, it could be their last feast.

Some other time a couple dropped by our corner. The lady disclosed to me how she needed to take her better half to the clinic since he was eating excessively garlic. She said he bites it and stores it in the side of his mouth, making his cheek swell out like a chipmunk. He practically put a gap through the side of his mouth! This is not one of the garlic medical advantages. Will you trust that??

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