Suspect gap years are simply for school leavers and time wasters? Think again!

Above 30% of the volunteers sent away last season by ‘The Leap’, one of the UK’s leading Gap Year organizations, were over the age of twenty. Be it a year off before processing to the 9-5, a Summer gap between University or college conditions or a few months career sabbatical, a niche year has opportunities and benefits for everyone and is proving an increasingly popular option for graduates. As well as the great media is that the range of projects and positions on offer is actually bigger than ever, volunteering opportunities from managing luxurious Apple safari Camps in the Mara to teaching English to kids in the Amazon online are yours for the taking. So, don’t the actual graduate crowd, meandering like lost sheep from one aimless temp job to the next… test away your skills, use your brain and experience an once in a life span opportunity that will advantage your daily life and career forever! Work and Travel Spain

Let’s face it, University (as much as we like to pretend otherwise) is soft effort. At least 3 years of gruelling mental exercise, underhand late night time essay writing all capped of with a flavorsome helping of last little panic, anxiety and stress! Yes we had time of our lives, but the very last thing we want to think about even as walk triumphantly from test hall is the huge batch of job application varieties awaiting us at home. There must be more to graduation than nagging parents and student overdrafts. In the event that there’s ever a time in ones life that a holiday is received then it’s post University or college. The notion of heading from the lecture cinema to the graduate job is outmoded and won’t address the development needs and interests of this University leavers. More notably, it doesn’t generate the motivated, skilled and experienced job people that graduate student employers are looking to recruit. There must be another way. I believe the response lies in a gap year.

There is much debate in the mass media recently as to why graduates are not complementing the standards and anticipations of employers. A few of this country’s biggest and a lot powerfulk graduate recruiters such as Price Waterhouse Coopers and Gold and Sachs have complained that new employees don’t have the functional skills, life experience or right attitude to learning excel in business. They will suggest that the problem lies with degrees and teaching styles at Educational institutions not adequately preparing students for the world of work. In response, teachers are expanding methods of learning and assessment to match employers needs and are generally introducing licensed modules in interview, processing and speaking in public skills to name but a few. But isn’t it time for individuals to take responsibility for their skills base and work experience- rather than blaming a faceless system for churning out unsuitable applicants, teachers and students need to do more to make their CV and take control of their coins.

In a competitive market where thousands of men and women with the same degree distinction are applying for limited job opportunities how can a graduate make sure their CV stands away? Taking a structured distance year, which develops and showcases your skills is an affordable and exciting way to accomplish what every graduate company craves- an application form that shines with experience and motivation. Best of all, having completed 3 months volunteer work in the wilds of Africa or virgin forest of Bahía Rica you will have something extra ordinary to speak about at interview. Display interviewers you’ve got what it takes to plan, fund raise and work all the way through a gap year- offering something back to those less fortunate and you will probably make a lasting impression they wont forget in a hurry. Don’t just speak about soft skills you have, demonstrate them by taking a gap year.

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