The weight loss program called Cabbage Soup Diet is suitable for heavy consumption of low-calorie soups during the complete 7 days. Although seen by a lot of folks as “fad diet, very well this plan have recently been tried by a quantity of famous people like models, celebrities and trip attendants. In fact, there have been numerous customer feedback for this diet program. Some of those people who tried out this system is Melissa Browne from Fox News. com, Wellness Section. She says that she lost 5 pounds when she went through the diet for starters week. goji berry emagrece


No one truly knows where Cabbage Soups Diet originated. Some historians say that this diet plan is an excellent example of an urban legend – like a modern folk traditions that is passed through e-mail, photocopies, or phrase of mouth. According to American Dietetic Association, this diet plan was first discovered around 1950 (though it may well date back earlier). After that, it was revived during early eighties as “Dolly Parton Diet” and “TWA (Trans Universe Airlines) Diet. inches

Found in the middle of nineties, Cabbage Soup Diet reappeared. Due to modern tools like fax machines and the internet, this diet has moved worldwide. In fact, it was even published in magazines like GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) and Cosmopolitan in 1995. A few health associations were caused by this diet – they supposedly gave it to overweight patients to help them lose some weight quickly before a cardiovascular surgery. This is why Cabbage Soup Diet is also referred to as Miami Heart Diet, Mayonaise Clinic Diet, American Cardiovascular system Diet, Spokane Diet, and Sacred Heart Diet. 

Safety measures

Generally, cabbage soup is safe for all adults who are in health. However, if you have eating disorders, Type II diabetes, or other conditions, it might be best so that you can check with a listed dietitian or doctor before you go through with it. Also, due to the repetitive and restricted nature of the diet program, you cannot sustain it for long periods of time. This is why it should be ended on the 7th day.

Some side effects may appear such as light-headedness, dizziness, and flatulence (or intestinal gas). Considering that the common version of the diet programs soup recipe is usually high in salt, those dieters that are seeking to restrict their consumption of sodium should discuss a little overall flexibility with the physician.


Although there is no mainstream specialized medical trial of the soups, the cabbage itself was studied by food chemists and nutritionists for many years. In fact, it has been viewed as good food to be included in any well-balanced and healthful diet. After completing the 7-day diet, Browne said that she discovered a number of things regarding her diet plan. Even though the lady may regard herself as a healthy eater, it has not occurred with her that she is not eating enough fruits and vegetables.

The diet helped her to be creative in setting up various combinations of healthy food choices cooked properly in several ways. She publicly stated that when you are stuck with eating greens for a number of days, you could think of ways to enjoy it. It also made her conscious of drinking more water, which has not been part of her habit before this diet.

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