Any individual that knows me, is aware of I ask a whole lot of questions. My clients thought they appreciate it because I seek to understand their viewpoint. That they also have said that my questions also help them to generate ways to grow their business. Ready

Perhaps I’ve been curious all of warring. When I actually was little, I remember spotting a mound of ants. I noticed one small ant carrying a piece of what viewed like a potato computer chip. I bent over to observe a little more. I wondered what would happen if I taken off that piece of chip. Would he find another piece? Would this individual get upset and call his friends over? Following taking it away, My spouse and i gave it back. That was a little while until a while, but the ant finally selected it back up and walked away. If ants have feelings, I’m sure having been a little ticked off. I used to be ready for the colony to band together and come after me, but no happened. I was ready for something to happen and it didn’t. 

Just lately, when I overhead someone say, “I’m not all set to retire” it got me personally wondering “how do you know? ” At different points in your life, I’m sure you thought about, am I:

– Ready for college or university
– Ready to get fit
– Ready to cease working
– All set pro
– Ready to start out a business
– Ready to get married
– Ready to remarry
– Ready to let go
– Willing to have children
– Willing to make a career change
– Ready to grow my business
– Ready to buy an animal
– Ready to take a risk
– Ready to sell my business
– Ready to give up smoking
– Ready to improve yourself

The set of things to prepare for can be limitless. Recently, I typed in a search engine “define readiness. ” There were lots of sources defining preparedness nonetheless they all said similar things: the condition, express or quality of being ready. So, what were those conditions, states, factors, or qualities that helped you know that you were ready?

Further, have you ever thought that you weren’t looking ahead to something and do it anyway; and after reflection, there is a positive outcome?

I’m enthusiastic about seeing and hearing your story with regards to a change you made. What were the conditions, factors, or qualities involved where you knew you were ready to make that change? Was it more of a feeling or are there tangible factors engaged that created your preparedness?

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