Taekwondo is a Korean type of hand to hand fighting and it is a standout amongst the most prevalent types of combative technique. In numerous nations it is truly hard to make individuals comprehend about the advantages of taekwondo, chiefly in view of the way that a large portion of these individuals are obsessed with football or other standard games and don’t need some other game in their life. Notoriety of taekwondo can be evaluated with the assistance of this straightforward reality that it is not bound to just Korea. More than 80 million individuals hone everything over the world. Along these lines, it is not a local game. Like all other mainstream sports, taekwondo likewise has an overseeing body known as World taekwondo Federation. 192 nations are individual from this league. Taekwondo has been a piece of Olympics since year 2000. Being an Olympic game is additionally a proof of it being famous. http://www.vortexic.com/

The principle challenge for the game is that the vast majority of its professionals are guys. The game isn’t pulling in enough families towards itself. There are various reasons why this is valid. The principle reason is that showing families are distinctive and there aren’t numerous authority educators for that. Additionally, relatively few teachers try to obtain information to prepare ladies and youngsters. A few ladies and youngsters need to learn taekwondo however once they are not prepared well by their educators, they never consider taking in this game again.

Something else which we have to look through is our advertising techniques. Our promoting systems won’t not be adequate to pull in individuals towards taekwondo. One can plainly observe that different games get a bigger number of media scope than taekwondo. Once in a while a man can watch taekwondo on a satellite station. Different games, for example, cricket and football get more media scope and consequently they are more prevalent. Less media scope is one of the primary reasons that individuals don’t have much information about taekwondo and its preparation.

To make taekwondo prominent, its showcasing ought to be moved forward. It is ideal to market it as a family action. Individuals get a kick out of the chance to enhance their body shape, which can be accomplished with taekwondo’s offer assistance. This perspective can be highlighted to pull in individuals towards it. Self-awareness, contemplation and most profound sense of being can be accomplished with the assistance of taekwondo. It is additionally an essential part of this game, which can be passed on to draw in more individuals.

Markku Parviainen

Taekwondo and Fitness mentor

MP-Taekwondo akademi Goteborg SWEDEN


Markku Parviainen has considered Taekwondo (WTF) more than 30 years and was individual from Finnish national group for a long time. He has a Coaching degree from the Finnish game foundation and has drilled the Finnish junior national group. He contended in more than 100 competitions and his best outcomes were a Bronze award in the European title and various national and Nordic titles. His understudies have gotten decorations in World titles and European title recreations. As of now he lives with his family in Sweden and runs his Taekwondo School in the city of Gothenbourg.

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