With regards to replacing your bathroom floor, you should consider putting in a cork floor. Natural flooring is about as “green” as you can go. It is made from tree-like tropical solide which replenish themselves within a few years’ time. It is also a great flooring material because it is soft and warm to walk on with bare feet also because it is extremely resistant to the humidity that is an natural part of any bathroom environment. This type of flooring repels moisture and keeps mold, mildew, and bacteria at bay. All together, cork is can be a fantastic choice for your bathrooms floor. contract flooring

Keep in mind that with natural, just like with any other form of wood floor material, your floor will be controlled by contraction and expansion depending on climate factors. It will expand during the warmer summer a few months and contract during warming season. It does usually tend to be a more stable product that other hardwoods, though. While most wood only contracts and expands across the wheat, cork expands in all directions. If your floor is laid correctly, it will be capable of go with the flow of climate changes without a noticeable difference in the manner it looks. 

Floating cork flooring surfaces are not recommended for bathroom use. Floating means that rather than being pinned to the sub-floor, the boards are glued to each other, and while this process of installation can give your floors a great try looking in other parts of the house, the moisture and possible spillage in the bathroom makes it a poor choice. Cork floor surfaces are easy so that you can place without specialist. After get installed the flooring, ensure you caulk around all the outdoors edges. You don’t want to leave any spaces where water can slide through your floor and cause damage to sub-floors or walls. Although the natural itself is resistant to moisture, these other materials are not.

Some experts will recommend that occurred use any type of wood flooring product in a bathroom because of possible water damage. Other folks report they’ve had natural floors in their necessary rooms for many years with great success. Spectacular flooring materials, such as cork and bamboo, have become very popular with homeowners due to the fact that they’re environmentally-friendly, look great, and can be less expensive than any other types of flooring. The selection is up to you.

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