America Air Force has a special team of fifty percent insane and half medical modern day warriors. Knights in battle of the sky prepared to do the impossible; they fly directly into hurricanes; on purpose? Quite brave stuff indeed. My spouse and i propose a scientific quest for these brave game characters; to lay smart dirt in the eye of an advancing Hurricane. I actually propose they fly into the Hurricane and drop-out floating buoy type devices, which will open as the eye-wall of the advancing hurricane winds complete over. The buoy will open up and enable the smart dust to be sucked out and your Hurricanes, turbulent and organised environment.

To make sure the drops are completely and correctly orchestrated I actually propose using an AFF Satellite scenario. AFF sticks for Automated Flight Pursuing System, which is employed in aerial fire fighting to insure that the open fire retardant is dropped in the drop zone even though with the smoking the visibility is  very low rendering it difficult to see. As one aeroplanes goes in another comes after in behind it. This kind of off the shelf technology has been used for over a decade now current advances of GPS UNIT accuracy and GIS building of surface terrain by satellite its uses should be incorporated into the laying of smart dirt. 

Since the eye of the Hurricane is steady and somewhat calm the smart dust buoy equipment can be easily placed right away and then get the hell out of dodge. Because the eye is clear all the way to space as you can see right into it from an expense satellite the device can be used with full reliability.

If for some reason that is not work, we enlist the Dark blue to do the job with modern day submarines, which come up into the eye and eliminate the buoys. It would be better for the air version because of the time factor of having all the buoys in place on the 3-5 minute time period; this mission maybe even too dangerous for the Hurricane Hunters?

Good dust are incredibly tiny dust particles size mechanical electronic devices. If you recall the movie Twister large physical electronic sensors were decreased as a tornado handed to track the surprise on the computer. Smart Dust particles will the same thing but it is so small you can scarcely find it. By using the Automated Flight System and knowing the winds to the zenith we can lay smart dust by air using UAVs Unmanned Aerial Automobiles to drop the smart dust in the sight of a Hurricane to learn more about how precisely it generates its own wind flow to help in future Hurricane trajectory tracking and prediction.

Once we have complete data and map a Hurricane on a 4D grid you should be able to know where to focus energy to guide a Hurricane ever so slightly so that it will not hit a sizable city or cause billions of us dollars in damage. For occasion a direct hit in Miami, New Orleans, Va Beach, Jacksonville or Polk. We need to have knowledge to implement the technology to steer Hurricanes in our part of the world and Typhoons in the rest of the world. Think on this.

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