Cover is an awesome material for kitchen worktops and restroom counters. It is intense, moderately economical, hard wearing and accessible in a gigantic assortment of hues.

In any case, notwithstanding it’s strength, cover kitchen worktops do require some care to guarantee they keep on looking their best for a considerable length of time to come. Granite worktops in Sunderland 

Kitchen Worktop Care – Do’s and Don’ts

Try not to utilize cleaners with abrasives, in the same way as other “cream” sort cleaners – they will harm the cover surface

Do utilize a moist material or non-rough kitchen and multi surface cleaners, guaranteeing the surface is dried thereafter

Try not to put hot items, for example, pots straight from the stove or cooker onto your cover worktop surface

Try not to cut anything straightforwardly on the cover worktop surface. Blades and other actualize will leave scratches

Try not to drag dish or different things – particularly metal and unglazed ceramics – over the surface

Try not to utilize clean with wax as they will dull the surface


Dim hued worktops in some cases seem streaky in the wake of cleaning. Utilize a little measure of multi surface cleaner on a perfect material to evacuate the buildup and reestablish the sparkle.

Spills and Stains

Overlay kitchen worktops oppose recoloring from most family unit chemicals. A few things with exceptionally solid hues can however leave a changeless stain. Wipe off red wine, beetroot, grape and berry squeezes instantly, and clean with water or more clean. Concentrated blanch can expel the shading from darker worktops, and leave yellow stains on lighter worktops, so ought to likewise be evacuated with clean water at the earliest opportunity. Spills, for example, nail clean or super paste ought to be expelled before they dry. Utilize nail clean remover or an appropriate dissolvable, guaranteeing the surface is altogether cleaned thereafter.

A few pens can leave perpetual imprints, particularly felt tip and marker pens. Attempt to keep these far from worktops, and know some will experience a solitary sheet of paper.

On the off chance that a stain won’t vanish with ordinary Surface Cleaner, take a stab at utilizing methylated spirits, or 2 or 3 light rubs with a cream chemical. You can likewise utilize weakened fade (1 section blanch to 8 sections water), yet don’t leave for over 3 minute, and guarantee the surface is flushed completely a while later, yet you do chance fading the surface.


Cover kitchen worktop surfaces will withstand ordinary regular wear and tear extremely well, however can be harmed by scratching or cutting with utensils, blades and unglazed stoneware. Darker hues will demonstrate scratches more promptly than lighter hues as will polished surfaces. Dull shaded worktops and polished worktops tend to demonstrate scratches all the more effortlessly, so remember this if while picking another or substitution kitchen worktop.

To limit scratching, dependably lift objects from the surface, not drag or slide the, and utilize cutting sheets or trivets at whatever point required.

Worktop Lifespan

With great care, kitchen worktops can undoubtedly most recent 20 years or more in flawless condition. Regardless of the possibility that it is checked or harmed, a worktop can more often than not be supplanted without a radical new kitchen, which is for the most part a substantially less expensive choice.

Jonathan Elder is an expert site author. This article was composed with the help of RefitMyHome – []. offers a total scope of cover kitchen worktops, which can be requested online for conveyance anyplace in the UK. Brands incorporate Formica and Bushboard cover worktops, Tuscan Solid Wood worktops and Bushboarn Encore strong surface worktops.

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