There are lots of different excimer lasers being utilized today for various types of laser eye surgery, and that number will keep growing quickly. Just like in the auto industry, new models are in the pipeline, similar to refinements of current machines. Every laser system is complicated and each has the own unique twists, advantages, and disadvantages. There is probably one question on your mind. Which laserlight is the best? see it on their website here

Which in turn car is the best? Suppose that you’ve made a decision to buy a new car, but know very little about mechanics. And just to make certain the analogy is fair, assume that money is not an concern. Pretend this is fantasyland. You can have any car you want. Which usually car would you choose? Precisely what is the right answer? Do they offer a right answer? What is your answer? If you decided on a black Porsche emmergency 911, is that much better than a white Mercedes 550 SL? Or a red Dodge Viper? Or perhaps a black Hummer? The answer is that there is no right answer. 

There’s good and bad in each vehicle. The choice will depend on you, the driver. Now suppose you won’t be doing the driving. (If you can pay for these cars, surely you can afford a guide. ) You’re simply an afraid passenger who needs to get from point A to point B. Right now what car would you choose?

To make that decision, it is typically not necessary to know the gear ratios or the warrantee package. It is crucial to feel comfortable, however, in fact it is important to know that your driver is comfortable with their machine. This would be reassuring to find out that the vehicle is relatively new and well maintained, and this previous travellers have been happy with their journey.

Beyond that, the details are not very important. The lucky simple truth is that most automobiles will get you where you need to go. Consequently, your time and efforts may be better spent picking the right chauffeur. Similar rules apply to lasers.

With that in mind, it is still in your very best interests to know about the alternatives on the market. In general, there are the first era lasers, which are the grandfathers in the field. The newer second and third generation machines are somewhat more sophisticated.

In conditions of the hardware, there are diaphragm delivery systems which shoot the laser in a sizable enough spot to cover the complete treatment zone. Scanning delivery systems use a small-area beam which oscillates again and forth across the treatment zone, ablating tissues layer by layer. Attention tracking devices are available in newer models to lessen the risk of decentration.

Software options include codes for myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, as well as special modifications known as pretreatment, multizone, and multipass which were created to increase the outcome.

Used Lasers

In the event that used cars are re-sold, what happens to used lasers? They, too, are resold. Not everyone can afford a whole new machine. Is definitely this a problem? That depends. Is a 97 BMW much different from a 1996 model? Likely not, but a 06\ machine may be much different than a mil novecentos e noventa e seis version.

Although a decision should not be made on age alone, everything being equal, perhaps a brand new laser is preferable to an older model. A similar thing applies to cars, pcs, as well as for a few people, spouses. Still, when creating an airline reservation, you may not usually ask about the time of your airplane. You rely on people who know about these items to make responsible decisions. When again, it comes down to confidence in the surgeon, not just in perform surgery, but also to decide on a safe, effective laser.

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