Malaysia is a jewel located in the South East region of Asia. It is a place where the old world meets the new, where modern technology are immersed in old cultures and traditions. Malaysia offers a wide variety of fascinating attractions for potential tourists. These interesting attractions never are not able to lure new tourists coming for vacations. Amongst these attractions include the concrete jungles of the major cities, the pristine beaches along the shorelines, the mountain retreats at Genting and Cameron j. Highlands and also the national parks which contains one of the earliest tropical rain forests on the globe. There is far more that Malaysia has to offer and it can be declared these attractions have the very potential to cater to tourists of each hue; be it shopping enthusiast, character lovers and even experience thrill seekers.

Living up to thier name as one of the major tourism hotspots of the world, Malaysia ranks ninth among the top most visited countries on the globe as of 2009. A majority of these visitors come from border countries like Singapore, Dalam negri and Thailand. However the numbers of tourist from western countries are recorded the rise, partly contributed by the strategic location of Malaysia. Malaysia sits in the middle of the fabled trade route between eastern and western cultures. Fast forwarded into present world, Malaysia serves as one of the principal transit hubs between the east and the western world, with the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) portion as the primary portal and plying its company as one of the better international international airport in the region. KLIA is directly linked to 100 destinations across the globe, making Malaysia very accessible from anywhere around the world. 

Malaysia also enjoys a tropical weather all year round, reinforced by high levels of humidity and lush plants everywhere. This makes Malaysia a perfect summer escape from tourist coming from western countries. Besides the steady and warm weather, the fact that it is totally free of any natural disasters and also politics turmoil makes Malaysia one of the most well-liked holiday locations for foreigners. Tourists can enjoy the warm excellent beaches or take a stroll through the warm virgin forest as a getaway using their winter season in their homelands.

Travel has become the third major source of income from foreign exchange for Malaysia over the earlier years. This boom has been largely contributed by the government’s effort in promoting tourism and also Malaysia as a preferred holiday destination for vacationers. The Malaysian Tourism Advertising Board (MTPB) of Travel Malaysia was established to promote the nations vacation industry. Throughout the government’s assistance, the worldwide marketing campaign dubbed “Malaysia, Genuinely Asia” manage to attract over 7. 4 , 000, 000 tourists into Malaysia in 1999. In 1996, Travel Malaysia also managed to form a successful bijou with Manchester United FC by agreeing a? 2 million deal in an effort in promoting “Visit Malaysia Year 2007”. The following success of Visit Malaysia Year 2007, which showed a conglomeration of the nation’s diverse heritage, exciting and unique attractions has managed to help create Malaysia in the front of worldwide tourism.

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