The first National Park reported in Mauritius was the Black River Gorges Domestic Park in 1994, a sprawling forest haven of indigenous flora and fauna, misty hiking trails and spectacular waterfalls. Located within the central highlands, the playground is considerably cooler than the rest of the island and even has its own distinct micro-climates, ranging from the limp, rainy upland forests to drier, lowland forests. The wildlife in the countrywide park is all local, from the mischievous Macaque monkeys to the brilliantly colored kestrels, pink pigeons, Mauritian echo-parakeets and the famous white-tailed tropic wild birds that are depicted on the Air Mauritius distintivo. Monte Aloia Nature Park Spain

While following the sixty kilometers of hiking tracks through the Black Lake Gorges, it is possible to see the oddly umbrella-shaped Bouquet de Natte trees, the strangely flat ‘Traveller’s Palm’ and numerous orchids, ferns and lichens as well as the Chinese Grape trees. When in season, these tart little guavas can be eaten straight from the trees, or savored with a delightful, if unlikely, combination of depressed chillies and salt. By the Black River Goitre viewpoint, a stunning spectacle of interlocking mountains appears out over the many-colored waters of the lagoon and the delicate Alexandra Falls. 

For all those seeking something more exotic, nevertheless , there is the Casela Yemen Nature Reserve near Flic en Flac in the west of Mauritius. This kind of comprehensive nature reserve is home to numerous different African and Asian pets such as the often quoted but seldom seen combo of lions and tigers. Jogging with the lions is now offered at Casela, as is walking without them; there are many hiking and walking trails available and the enormous tawny cats come as an recommended extra.

As far as rock climbing goes, there are plenty of luring faces to be climbed, but hardly any bolted paths for sport climbers. The most climbed cliffs are in Albion on the west coast, although for those enthusiasts using their own gear, there are a plethora of previously unclimbed routes just waiting to be learned all over the island.

The Organic Gardens in Pamplemousses must not be forgotten as a calming and beautiful place around which to walk. Elegant, tree-lined avenues meander throughout the gardens, old-fashioned bridges cross small streams and verdant lawns business lead right down to the edge of the magnificent lake. Led tours can be obtained as is the option to take off around this enchanted garden, drinking in nature’s charité.

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