Receiving organized in the Net Marketing world is a regular challenge. Managing downloads, declaring resell rights products, arranging hard drives, storing bonus deals and keeping track of eBooks, scripts and tools we’ve purchased can become a nightmare.

It’s in the nature of living as internet marketers that we accumulate dozens, hundreds – even thousands of downloads over time. Each of our store of downloads just grows and grows and grows.

Each of all of us constitutes a brave attempt to find ways to structure this information – but very quickly we find that whatever organizational plan we come up with, the stuff we wish to document away never quite suits. And so our space of downloads conclude in chaos. The result? 

2. We can’t find things that individuals KNOW we’ve received.
* We spend several hours and hours searching for your eBook, script or tool that we definitely bear in mind downloading months ago. We all need it urgently, right now, but can we find it? Can we just!

* We neglect 80-95% of what we have got. So we wrap up buying products that we don’t need. We all already have something that fits our need, but we clean don’t keep in mind, and have no chance of checking (unless put into effect a few times off! ). So we waste money buying another product. Even worse – we wrap up buying the same product twice! That happens often than you needed think, believe me.

In the surface, it appears like a very simple problem to fix: just decide on a few categories for filing the information, create some folders and be disciplined in how you file you downloads away. In practice, nevertheless , really not so simple – as anyone who has tried will confirm.

The reality is that this is a complex problem in the field competence Management. In particular, it requires the creation of a suitable “taxonomy” (organizational scheme), and that is an extremely skilled task.
A full description of the steps needed to create an Internet Marketing taxonomy and organizational system are beyond the scope of this article, but here is one interesting idea to consider.

One of the design considerations is to decide on the storage and indexing components to use. Most people simply use Windows files for both these. Whereas using anything but Windows version for storage is most likely away of the question, there are alternatives possible for an index. Two cases are databases and head maps.

My preference is firmly with mind roadmaps.

Although a database provides a more flexible “tagging” system, most people may want (or need) organic tagging. On the other hand, with clever use of a mind map, you will get a very attractive graphical user interface, and can introduce constructions and relationships between subject areas without having to add extra complexity to the folder structures.

The single example I know where it turned out done is in my IM Index Head Map. The videos on that site show exactly how you are able to use the structuring features of a mind map as a catalog to a compound folder structure.

No-one desires to spend hours simply “getting organized” – but in the end, you need to bite the bullet and get it done, or spend increasingly more time in unproductive and frustrating searching.

You can get free advice how to organize your Net Marketing information from Alex Goodall’s free eBook available on IM Index Brain Map site. Alex identifies himself as “The Net Marketing Knowledge Manager” This individual combines very intensive skills in Knowledge Management with an in-depth comprehension of all core aspects of Online marketing.

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