A great Orgonite pendant is a great health tool for anyone to reap the benefits of! They will help to protect against negative energy surrounding all of us everywhere. You might question, what is orgonite? Who also invented orgonite, and what can orgonite do for me? If so then read on ahead and find out whether you should get an orgonite pendant or not!
does orgonite work

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is an unique blend inorganic matter, and organic and natural subject, in equal parts to create a natural energy barrier around the customer. Even if you no longer subscribe to energy treatment beliefs, orgonite pendants and other items are quite beautiful and is worn as jewelry. The inorganic matter is usually metallic in a powdered or shaved form, and the organic and natural will be natural resin like amber, fiber-glass, or composites, and really believed to create Orgone energy. Orgone energy is a lot like chihuahua or life force, and can destroy negative energy.

It was uncovered by a man named Karl Welz, who uncovered the balanced method for making orgonite work. Wilhelm Reich did the initial research on it in the 1930s, finding that if you alternate layers of organic and natural and inorganic ingredients you can filter away negative ions and let the positive ones through, trapping them and with them for human benefits.

Precisely what are Orgonite Pendants?

A great Orgonite pendant is merely orgonite suspended on a string or within an fencing. These are usually hand made, as most orgonite is created by people themselves, as there are incredibly few commercial manufacturers of orgonite. This is a great thing, because you’re supporting independent craftsmen and merchants to keep creating beautiful things!

Many people uses these orgonite pendants within their personal holistic routine. If you’re concerned about EMFs, negative energy, and other nuisances of modern life that can bring you down, it’s definitely worth looking into these to see if they may be right from you. Apart from this, the result of layering creates an unique piece every time, and the outcome is quite beautiful. You could compare the look of it to ancient animals trapped in amber, depending into it if was dismissed (super-heated) or not.

What Are Results of Orgonite Pendants?

Even though many effects might be hard to show, there is a growing group of folks who state to the beneficial results of Orgonite and of an Orgonite pendant. Several of the effects reported include:

Improved ability to relax, less stress, and better mental clarity;

Pain relief from Insomnia, an improved and more restful sleep;

Improved overall flexibility and alertness;

Thus in conclusion you now have very compelling reasons to consider wearing an orgonite pendant!

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