The Brother PE770 embroidery machine is an excellent machine to try out different embroidery designs on your fabric. This kind of computerized machine is also compatible with memory twigs and so offers unlimited likelihood of the user. A few of the features that are in the machine are the following:


The machine has 136 built in embroidery designs and 6 built in adornments fonts. Its ability to be compatible with a memory stick also permits one to import various designs from the web or a DVD using the integrated USB port. The UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS port permits you to store your designs on a flash drive and merely plug it on the port. There is also a card slot on the machine that allows you to use other embroidery designs available in the market from the firm. Brother PE770 embroidery machine review

LCD touch screen

The Brother PE770 embroidery machine has an LCD touchscreen display that permits you to edit the various designs that you are taking care of. The rear lighting functions of the screen make it quite user friendly and operate even in the dark. The instructions on the display screen are also easy to follow up for a beginner since they are step by step instructions.


The machine comes with a hoop that allows for a maximum embroidery area of 5″x7″. This may permit you to embroider numerous fabric with ease. The machine also offers built-in frame shapes and border shapes that can frame the various designs you have made. The framework shapes are 10 while border shapes are doze.

Memory space

The machine also has an interior memory enabling you to save the various designs that you use and retrieve them later. This kind of is quite convenient when you would like to compare the various designs that you have striving to identify the most ideal design to work with.

Stitches Per little

The Brother PE770 standalone machine has the capacity to embroider up to 600 stitches per minute. Also with the high rate, the work is still required for a perfect manner.

Needle Threader

The programmed needle threaded on the machine causes it to be quite easy to thread your needle. All you need to do is to follow the basics instructions on the printed instructions provided.

System for Threading and Winding the Bobbin

The Brother PE770 comes with a has a great threading and rotating system that is not hard to use. When you are threading the bobbin on this machine, there is a slot where you simply place the bobbin and as you line follow the direction of the arrow on home plate. When you are winding the bobbin all you need to do is to follow the thread guide and simply press the beginning button, once you are through press it again.

Additional accessories that come with purchasing the Brother PE770 embroidery machine are scissors, bobbins, a dust cover, needles and screw motorists.

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