Coming back the first review of a website registrar!

My spouse and i like NameCheap and so i discovered I’d post an evaluation about them and of their service.

First, I’ll start out reviewing their software. I like their program personally, it’s basic quite easy to navigate. Mainly because it was time for me to produce my own name web servers, it was quite a breeze and worked fast. When I were required to force a few domains along to my friends or customers whom left myself, again, quite quick and simple. I supply the user interface a 8 out of 10. Namecheap

Next, I’ll speak about the awesome industry. Great destination to buy and sell domains. I’ve sold I think about 12-15 domains there, and was nice. Everyone paid right away, and transfer of title was nice and easy. I was pleasantly shocked, as I’ve had quite the problems transferring control of domains at other registrars, such as GoDaddy. It’s also quite easy to list a website for sale, and always people buying. I’ll give the marketplace a six out of 10.

I will also touch after the support staff there. My spouse and i emailed the support team a few times, and it had not been desirable. The staff did make contact with me personally with a nice, well done reply however it took them three times to do it. I had been very disappointed. The second time they got again to me twice in the same day. Consequently, I guess it could be worse. A 4 out 10 for the support team.

Lastly, I am going to speak about the Namecheap order form, means of placing your order, and pricing. I cannot put in words how straight forward and simplified it is. I type in a website We want to register, and it will require me through the process. Frequently, I can get my domains authorized and the site build within a matter of an hour. They store and setup my fields fast, and once that is done, I’m all good and well set to go. Their order form and the order process is really easy. The costs until with regards to a week before (see here) was great, at $8. 88 a domain without a promotion, and about $7. 98 with a coupon. Great, cheap, and useful. Even so, as also mentioned in the post listed above, pricing went up to $9. 29 for websites. I’ll supply the domain part of Namecheap a 12 out of 10 and the pricing a six out of 10.

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