Rockport slip resistant shoes you will save a lot time and money and become your admission out of any doctors ready room. I would like to speak about proportions in this article. The odds I want to speak about are directly related to injuries caused by sliding. Now women who are reading this article who regularly wear pumps We want one to keep reading.

Take an estimate at the actual second leading cause of place of work absenteeism is? Back problems. Nowadays you may well be asking exactly what does again problems have to do with Rockport slip immune shoes?

One of the key reasons for back problems is caused by moves or falls. May be that about 80 percent coming from all adults will experience some kind of back injury through their lifetime. Furthermore, foot, knee and other lower-leg injuries can be brought on by slipping. I ask you what is the financial expense of these injuries. women’s slip resistant shoes

Want extra figures?

In one year roughly over one million people suffered a slip, fall season or trip and away of the people people 17, 1000 of these died. There are also 300 thousand debilitating work related injuries each and annually and 12-15 to 20 percent of those result from, you guessed it, slipping on a surface, tripping over something or falling.

The direct average cost of these disabling injuries are estimated to be between 28, 000 and 46, 000 per injury every year. Those are some real eye-opening numbers.

Thus why am I speaking about these numbers and statistics? It’s simple, proper shoe attire will considerably cut down on these numbers and statistics.

Not slip shoes will save the morning for both men and women. There are now women’s high pumps with non slip materials to guard against falling and possible some very sore ankles.

Of course non slip shoes are often best when working in the restaurant business also. Work conditions range from wet and greasy floor surfaces and a good no slip shoe can be an absolute lifesaver.

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