If you’re clearing out your shed or garage, remodeling your house, or conducting an office clearance, one thing’s for certain – likely to need to dispose of large quantities of waste materials. This can be a messy and time-consuming job, and endless trips to the rubbish dump can wrap up costing you valuable time and money, particularly if you stay in the capital.

One excellent alternative is skip hire. Below are a few of the key benefits you may enjoy. cheap skips manchester


Making multiple outings to the dump or recycling facilities is time consuming and it can leave your vehicle in a right old state. The main benefit to getting a skip out on is convenience. 

A skip out on hire company will deliver your skip to the desired location, arranging any permits where necessary, and accumulate it once easy methods to filled. All you need to do is work out to would like it placed, and when you want it sent.


Multiple trips to the dump involve spending unnecessary money and time, especially with the rising expense of petrol. However, by finding a skip you won’t have to pay a cent extra for transport as gowns built into the price tag on getting a skip.

What’s more, with a variety of skip sizes to choose from you will only purchase the size that you need, rendering it a cheap solution.


All reputable neglect hire companies have a range of skip sizes on offer so their service can be designed to your exact requirements. Skips are classified in line with the volume of waste they hold, which is tested in cubic yards.

They will range from a minuscule skip for light local use that holds 2 cubic yards of waste materials (approx. 20-30 bin hand bags of rubbish) to a maxi skip for large house clearances that retains 16 cubic yards (or 140-160 bin bags of rubbish). The average miss dimensions are a builder’s skip, which is almost 8 cubic yards (or 60-80 bin bags of rubbish).

Correct Disposal of Waste products

Hiring a man with a van to get rid of of your waste may sound like a good idea, but legally waste material is your responsibility so if that man determines to fly-tip your waste products you will be accountable for an enormous fine. Simply by choosing a reputable miss hire company you can rest assured that your waste will be worked with professionally, and your reputation, and bank balance, will remain intact.


Finally, skip hire businesses are responsible environmentalists. The waste will be transferred to a processing herb where it will be sorted, with just as much as 90% being recycled.

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