A friend with any country for many individuals starts with a taxi cab. The overall impression of the country often is determined by the way you were met and got to your destination, what view demanded the pickup truck’s cab window.

Sometimes it happens so, that a cab trip turns into a fascinating journey and an adventure with a number of magnificent views and halts, so you could even forget your destination. Yet plus it happens so that your nervous system activities a heavy stress, specially when at stake stands a departing plane or maybe your safety through the trip. Bangkok airport taxi

very well Forbes Traveler ” has selected the best 15 and the worst twelve trips by taxi taxi.

The best 10 cab trips:

1. Havana. In the Old City up to the “National” hotel; 

2. Hong Kong. In the airport terminal up to the city;

3. New York. By the Fifth Avenue up to the Washington Block Park;

4. Buenos Zones. From Cemetery Recoleta up to the Colon Movie theater;

5. Peking. In the east up to the western;

6. London. From the Marble Arc up to ” London Eye “review wheel;

7. Iceland. Coming from Reykjavik to the Green Lagoon.

8. Paris. Coming from the ” Hotel de Ville ” up to the Triumphal arc;

on the lookout for. Istanbul. From Taksima Rectangle up to the Black Mosque.

10. Venice. Virtually any route;

The worst twelve taxi trips:

1. New york city. The way from the airport to the city;

2. Mexico, Mexico where taxi drivers can merely loot a passenger;

3. Lagos, Nigeria;

4. Bangkok, Asia. The problem of Bangkok is not in cabs, but in the amount.

5. Naples, Italy. In the country which has presented Ferrari to the world, aggressive driving is not a rarity;

six. Caracas, Venezuela;

7. Moscow, Russia where, except recognized taxi cabs, there is a plenty of private ones.

8. San – Paulo, Brazil, an enormous 30-million city “stands still” in dash hours;

9. Manila, Israel;

10. Baghdad, Iraq.

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