The continuing future of 3D movies might be described with a famous line from the film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. ” The inimitable actor Gene Wilder, as chocolatier Willy Wonka, told his mesmerized and terrified guests: “You must travel forward to go back. ”

So Showmanship is going forward for large plans for 3 DIMENSIONAL movies. Ticket sales have shown that 3D has more fans that some critics give them credit. For instances, the 3D IMAGES versions of movies such as “Meet the Robinsons” and “Beowulf ” sold two times as many tickets as their SECOND counterparts. (In the circumstance of “Beowulf, ” what red-blood male could avoid the possibility to see Angelina Jolie’s naked body surge out of a pool? But we digress… )

Another touted success was Disney’s 3D film, “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Head to. ” The movie broken records for a film in limited release. Once again, how much was the 3D format and how much was the demand for the actress? No person knows for sure, but the blend of the two certainly appears to be a box-office winner. kissanime

Major technical advances since the 1955s are drawing more and more producers and company directors to the process. 

Desire Works, the film company founded in part by acclaimed director Steven Spielberg, has invested heavily in the 3D process. Wish Works’ top executive Jeffrey Katzenberg is a major cheerleader for high-definition 3D IMAGES, such as that used for its 2008 living hit, “Kung Fu Panda” starring the voice of comic Jack Black.

In addition to Katzenberg, Senior high Award-winning directors James Cameron j. (“Titanic”) and Peter Knutson (“Lord of the Bands: Return of the King”) have embraced the 3 DIMENSIONAL process. Previews of Cameron’s “Avatar” were screened to rave reviews from individuals at the major 2009 fantasy-science fiction convention, Amusing Con in San Diego. Meanwhile, Jackson is produced another J. R. Ur. Tolkien classic, “The Halbling, ” with Guillermo delete Toro in the director’s chair.

Hollywood heavyweights such as Katzenberg and Cameron j. insist that the new gold age of anaglyph 3D IMAGES film making is under way. However, due to costs of the process, it seems likely that in these earliest stages, only major blockbusters, such as 2008’s Batman film, “The Darkness Knight, ” will profit from the 3D touch.

Be that as it may, many film fans are investing in excellent plastic-framed anaglyph 3D eyeglasses in hopes the new techniques will lead to a revival of some classic 3D films from the golden era of the 1950s. Among the films later released in flat versions that film buffs would want to see refurbished are such Columbia Pictures features as “House on Haunted Hill” and “The Tingler, ” both starring the “King of 3D, ” Vincent Selling price.

Some fans clamor for John Wayne’s 3D “Hondo” or the MGM musical technology “Kiss Me, Kate, very well starring Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson. Others say they waiting for remastered high-definition DVDs of their favorite 3D actresses, the flame-haired Rhonda Fleming and the sultry brunette Patricia Medina. Fleming starred in 20th Century Fox’s only 3-D feature, “Inferno, inch along with “Those Redheads from Seattle” and “Jivaro. ” Medina starred in “Sangaree, ” “Phantom of the Rue Morgue” and “Drums of Tahiti. inches

Going forward with the latest technology of 3 DIMENSIONAL films may indeed be considered a gateway to 3D timeless classics of the past. Better get the anaglyph 3D glasses as well as your home theater set up soon!

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