Is it possible to believe it? On the topic of benches, even I’m surprised at how many different types there are. Benches have through the years been used for a variety of reasons other than just sitting. And here We were, thinking they were just planks of wooden stuck together to consider the weight off your lower limbs. How very wrong I used to be. As a rule, benches are mostly created from solid wood, but one may also find benches made of stone and other man-made material.​

Bench seating was traditionally installed in cars, featuring continuous pad which ran through the full width of the vacation cabin. In medieval times (and still in certain other countries… gulp), benches were used for corporal punishment. The caning bench, for example, was used for a certain kind of punishment; no longer worry, I won’t explain it to you! Regressing from that rather abnormal thought (my apologies), we find that many padded benches are traditionally known as after the location in which they are used, whether or not or not it indicates a specific design or shape.

Garden benches for example are incredibly similar to public park benches placed outdoors, only that they usually only offer around 2 to 3 spaces for seated. These form of counter seating however usually offers some more. Picnic furniture, buffet tables and other varieties of contract furniture usually have both long benches and a table, which often has collapsible hip and legs for transport and storage area purposes. Similarly, church pews found in many places of worship are typically equipped with additional kneeling benches for prayer.

Below we see instances of padded benches named after where they are found. But below are a few which are known as after their specific use, as opposed to where they are really found. To get started with, we have the gym bench, typically used for the dumbbell fly work out, which involves lying down and lifting barbell weight loads, and sweating like angry. The piano bench is an average piece of deal furniture, made for one person to sit on and it is most always height changeable, allowing the person to play at a most comfortable height. Swing seating, the kind you often see in classic American films, are independently removable, suspended benches, often used for play or as a calming porch swing. Phew. Who knew there could be so much related to different benches? I’m worn out, I think I need to sit down for a little while.

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