So why would a high college graduate choose nursing as a profession when there are so many other options? The person choosing nursing jobs as a career will likely not be a typical high school scholar. Those who choose nursing jobs will find a profession that is stimulating, diverse, and rewarding. There is so much more to nursing than is seen by people outside this profession.

Nursing offers many diverse career paths for many who want to specialize or who find themselves sketched to a particular part of nursing. Some of the specialty areas include emergency room nursing, heart failure rehabilitation nursing, nephrology medical, labor and delivery nurses, and other specialized areas. There are so many areas in a medical center where a nurse could work they are likely to find an area that is well suited with their skills and interests. Shifting from one unit to another in a clinic is often fairly easy. Therefore if a doctor should become bored employed in one specialty area of a hospital they can transfer to another niche area. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE PRESCRIBING OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE

Nursing is a professional that is constantly changing. There are always medical advances that will impact a nurse. Rns need to believe in lifelong learning because healthcare professionals will always be learning about new technology, medications, procedures, processes, and elements that impact their everyday life as a nurse. 

There are numerous options for a health care worker outside the structure of a hospital. Career options outside the hospital are plentiful include public well-being nurses, clinic nursing, correctional nurses, school nursing, and work-related health nursing. This positions offer more autonomy and independent thinking as the nurse is generally outside of the strict support system of a hospital. These adjustments require that the health care worker be a fantastic problem solver and also make 3rd party rational decisions.

Worrying about job security is usually not a concern for most nurses. Not only are there ample jobs in nursing but nursing is a very lightweight profession. Nurses can usually find jobs in any part of the Us, Canada, and even overseas. Rns have also been able to take some time off work for child bearing without this having a significant negative effect on their career. They may have also had overall flexibility in choosing shifts that best meet the needs of their families and them.

More and more rns are also starting their own business after a few years of working in a regular setting. Rns have started diverse businesses as consultants and experts. Some of these businesses include legal nurse asking, geriatric case management, life care planning, sexual invasion nurse examiner, and medical writer. The set of business owner opportunities does not end here. You will find endless opportunities for self employment as an entrepreneurial nurse all it takes is thoughts.

Choosing nursing as a career can be the perfect means to fix a person wanting stimulation, a changing environment, and variety. That may even lead to self employment for a few nurses. Do not dismiss nursing too quickly when considering your profession options. It may just be the beginning of fantastic and rewarding profession you are seeking.

LeaRae Keyes, RN is the Executive Director for the Nurse Entrepreneur Network, a subscription website for nursing staff in business or healthcare professionals wanting to be in their own business. Master of science. Keyes provides coaching and information for nurse business people and others wanting to be nurse entrepreneurs.

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