WWE is a name that brings a glint in the eyes of all youngsters out there. This is a name that we have adult with. From skipping studies, to skipping meals, all for those 90 minutes of pure adrenalin; the lamps, the action, the episode was something awesome! And if that’s not enough, wrestling card games, trading cards, and walls embellished with posters of Hulk Hogan plus the Rock and what not! Those were the good past. 123wwe

WWE brought a revolution to sports entertainment. Yes, it is sport, but it is essentially entertainment, and an element of the entertainment industry, and entertainment at their best for that subject. The People’s Champ, the Texas Rattlesnake, The Cardiovascular system Break Kid, Triple They would; these people were, but still are role models for many young teens away there. 

Why you ask? Because, it was different. It had the surprise required to keep people glued to their seats/TV sets. It absolutely was better than any Hollywood flick. The oh-so-arrogant Mr. McMahon and his mini-wars with the celebs, especially Stone Chilly Steve Austin; the life-in-a-pot-undead Undertaker; the People’s Champ, The Rock who Layeth the SmackDown with the People’s Elbow; who can forget those golden occasions. I mean, they’re imprinted into our brains, and I speak for a lot of men and women when I actually say that. The phenomenon was so extreme that I actually fractured my leg once looking to do a Jeff Hardy & a Brahma Bull “Swanton Elbow”. This just demonstrates how much we were fond of those people with the cool hair, the big muscles, not to mention the underwear. The only thing that we never implemented was the “Please avoid try this at home”!

Then came the name change, and I privately think that it wasn’t only the name that experienced changed. Maybe I was growing out of it, but that’s just not right because I’m still a WWE fan. In came a fresh breed of muscle-men, hungry for each and every other peoples blood. Brock Lesnar.. Person he was one strong guy. He bloody out of cash the ring, and the tool used was a Big Show! A five-hundred pound superplex! I could hear myself thinking “What the hell just took place?! ” followed by “What else did you expect? ” John Cena, a skinny little thing who liked slapping people and showing some “ruthless aggression” is now near tale, accompanied by the wants of Batista the Dog, Mr. 619 Rey Mysterio and the Punjabi Monster, The Great Khali. Even though extremely talented and soft well powerful, these new champions somehow didn’t have what the older Characters did. They had just disappeared. And also to this day, I’m always dreaming about some turn of events plus the Rock, or Stone Cool walking down towards the ring. But such is life.

All I know is that WWE is legendary, and even though it is extremely different from what it was once, Now i’m glad I grew up watching, idolizing, and imitating what can now only be called Legends of the wrestling world.

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